Our Classroom ABCs

Attendance- much of our learning will take place together in class. We do lots of hands-on activities and group work. Please plan to attend school every day, except in cases of illness or emergency!

Book orders- just about once a month, a book order form will come home from Scholastic. This is a great way to purchase books inexpensively, while helping our class earn points towards other items! 

Communication- please feel free to contact me by e-mail or call me at school with questions or concerns at any time. You can also send a note in your child's folder.

Dismissal- school ends at 2:50. You must send a note to school if your child is to go home a different way than his/her normal schedule- especially if he/she is to ride a different bus! 

Emergencies- please make sure we have the correct emergency information on file for your child. If phone numbers change, you can call or send a note so your child's file can be updated!

Field trips- our class will be going on field trips this year. If you would like to chaperone one of these trips, please let me know! Permission slips must be returned for your child to attend. 

Graded work- all graded work will come home on Friday. Parents should sign the recording sheet each week and return the empty HORSE the following Monday.

Homework- your child will have homework Monday through Thursday. It should take about 20-30 minutes and must come back to school the next day in their folder.

Important information- if you have any important papers that need to come to school, please send them in your child's HORSE, as I will be checking these daily!

Job well done- when your child has a job well done in class, they will be recognized on our "Star Effort" board! All students will be able to view your child's work and see what made it so fantastic! 

Kindness- we will learn about being kind to others and ourselves every day. Central Elementary has a 0 tolerance policy for bullying.

Lunch- our lunch time is from 11:00am until 11:40pm. If you come in during this time, be sure to sign in at the office and pick up a visitor's pass! 

Money- when sending money to school, please put it in an envelope or bag inside the "Saddle Bag' in your child's HORSE. I will check these daily to ensure the money makes it to the right place.

Newsletters- newsletters with class updates and pictures of classroom happenings, will be sent home every other Monday. Look for them in your child's HORSE! 

Open House- please plan to attend this event to learn more about our daily classroom activities, policies, and to see our classroom!

Parties- if you would like to help with a class party or provide snacks or favors, please let me know! There will be a sign-up sheet at Open House. 

Quick and Quiet Hellos- as you volunteer in our classroom or our building, I will urge your child to acknowledge you with a "quick and quiet" wave hello. It is important for them to greet you, but remain involved in class activities.

Reading- students are expected to read at home every night, as part of their nightly homework. Encourage them to bring their library books home to read. We will also take Accelerated Reader tests at school over books we've read. Each student will have an AR goal they are expected to meet!

Snazzy Snacks- once a month, we'll practice our handwriting and math skills by making tasty snazzy snacks! You can sign up at the open house to provide ingredients for one snack!

Tardies- students should be at school by 7:50. Arriving after this time causes students to lose instructional time.

USA- we will learn more about our country through participation in a state-to-state leaf exchange. Come check out our hallway in the fall to see the leaves we receive from across the country!

Volunteers- we love volunteers! Moms, dads, grandparents... you can volunteer in class or work on things for class at home. Please let me know if you'd like to help and we can find a classroom job for you! 

Website- our website is updated weekly with homework, spelling, and pictures, so check it out!

Winter weather wear- please write your child's name insider their winter gear!

I am eXcited to work with You and Your child this year! Make sure he/she gets plenty of Zzzz's each night as we have exciting days planned for this year! 

This list has been compiled from my own ideas and those of the great teachers on the Second Grade Teachers' Club!
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