Language Arts Focus Wall

Due to teaching a split class, I won't be using a focus wall during the 2011-2012 school year.

To help my students focus on our language arts studies each week, I use a language arts focus wall to display our story title, grammar skill, spelling words, and vocabulary words. We also display signs for the genre, author's purpose, and comprehension skill we are studying through our basal story.

I write up our story title and grammar skill before the students arrive each week. Together we sort our spelling words according to common spelling patterns. We put them in the chart as we sort. Next I introduce our vocabulary words for the week. Two students are chosen to put the vocabulary word cards in alphabetical order and display them in the chart. After we read our basal story, we decide together on the author's purpose and genre. I display the comprehension strategy poster when I introduce the strategy.

I have loved having a focus wall in my classroom! Believe it or not, my students refer to it often to keep themselves "in the know" about what's happening in reading!

*Teachers- Focus wall files can be purchased here!*



Christina Bainbridge 

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