H.O.R.S.E. Folders

This year, your child will be given a very special HORSE. They are to bring their HORSE to school every single day and take it home each night.

The HORSE will be a tool to help your child learn the important skill of organization and will be a communication device between home and school.

Your child's HORSE has several important features. There are two pockets. One is marked "HOMEWORK" and is the first thing you will see inside of your child's HORSE. This is where all homework and the homework assignment sheet will be placed. This will help your child know exactly where to find their work and will help me quickly locate it each morning when I check everyone's HORSE.

The next thing you will find inside your HORSE is your HORSES's "Saddle Bag." The Saddle bag is a velcroed page protector where you can send important things to school! Please send all permission slips, lunch money, bus notes, book orders, or other important items in this clear sheet protector. Your HORSE will help them get to school safely!

Next, you will find... HORSE rules in a clear sheet protector.

There are also "Speller's Choice" activites inside a clear sheet protector. There is one sheet protector where we will place our spelling words each week also.

After your spelling words pocket, there is a page protector called "The Hitching Post".  All documents that I here need to stay hitched right here!  Inside will be a class-list as well as log-in information for RAZ-Kids.com.  I may be placing other papers here as the year goes on!


There are sheets of notebook paper that are to be left in the HORSE and used only for parent/teacher communication. If you need to let me know any important information, you can write it in your child's HORSE (please date it!), and I will check these daily. I will respond to you in the HORSE also. Please leave all communication inside the HORSE so we have a record if we need to look back on any of our notes.

One of the last features of your child's HORSE is a signature sheet that I ask you to sign every weekend when the HORSE comes home full of the week's classwork.

Finally, you will find their Friday pocket filled with all of their good work for the week. Please take some time to sit down with your child and "oooh" and "aaaah" over their work. When you have finished, you may keep their work and sign the siguature sheet. Your HORSE is ready to come back to school on Monday!


1. Do not eat or drink in front of your HORSE.

2. Do not write in or on your HORSE.

3. Do not let anyone borrow your HORSE.

4. You are responsible for your HORSE. Bring it with you everyday and take it home at night.

5. Share your HORSE with your parents every night!

6. Be gentle with your HORSE and take care of it! We each get one HORSE to last us all of 2nd grade!

7. Don't add anything to your HORSE that doesn't belong there!

*Teachers- you can download my HORSE files here!*

Christina Bainbridge 

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