Our Classroom Library


In our classroom, you will have a library with hundreds of books to choose from!

Our library has books on many, many topics... we have horse books, Captain Underpants and Gerinomo Stilton books, Junie B. Jones, Flat Stanley, pets, plants, math... you'll also get to read books by some of my favorite authors like Robert Munsch and Eric Carle!

You will get to add books to your book bins every week to read during our reading time. You will learn how to choose "Just Right Books" and you will also become a fluent reader!

Here are pictures of our library!  Each basket contains many, many books!  Every basket has a number and every book has a matching number, so we'll always be able to keep our books organized!

Books and student games... the next picture shows the "main" part of our library!

The "main" part of our library

Our library is organized into many different baskets. Each basket has books that are similar. Some baskets have books by one author only while others have books by several authors, or books with one character while other baskets have groups of books with different characters. We will keep our huge library organized by making sure the number on our books matches the number on the basket when we put them away!

I am so excited about the great readers you will all become in second grade! I hope you will love our classroom library as much as I do... check it often, it is always growing!


Teachers- you can download my library labels in WORD so you can customize them!


Christina Bainbridge 

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