Classroom Rules

We will work to be our best every single day!  Our school rules apply in our classroom- be safe, be respectful, be responsible.  I have added one more important rule... have a positive attitude!

It feels good to follow classroom rules!  If Mrs. Bainbridge sees you going above and beyond the classroom rules to make positive choices, you will get to move up on our clip chart!  You might also get a special reward like a Chief Ticket, pinch of Nerds candy, or special award at our classroom awards every Friday!

Not only do you have a chance to earn a special "thank you" from Mrs. Bainbridge, but the group you sit with can earn something special too!  On Friday afternoons, we will have "free choice" time in our classroom.  During the week, your group will earn free choice minutes for working quietly and making good choices!  But... if your group begins making poor choices, you will also lose your minutes!

Classroom Clip Chart

We will be using a clip chart to monitor our choices in our classroom.  The clip chart is divided into 7 colored sections and each day you will start out on green, in the middle.   Good choices will enable you to move up on the clip chart and poor choices will cause you to move down.  Parents, you can click here to view an explanation of the levels on our clip chart.

Good choices mean you get to move up!  If you make it to the pink section, Outstanding!, you will get to add a jewel to your clip and take a happy postcard home to your family!  I can't wait to see all of the sparkly clips on our clip chart!

If you move to the orange level on our clip chart, you will miss five minutes of recess to think about your choices.  Moving to red, the Parent Contact section, means you will miss your whole recess to fill out a behavior reflection to take home for mom and dad to see and sign. 

Sometimes I might send you to talk to our principal, Mrs. McBride.  I hope you will get to see her for happy reasons instead of for bad choices!  She and I can choose to deviate from this behavior system if a behavior warrants it.

You may also be interested to read this e-book which gives more information on clip charts!

Classroom Procedures

We will spend a lot of time learning the procedures to make our classroom run smoothly.  If you ever forget them, you can review them in our "Procedure Handbook".  There is a copy of our handbook in the classroom that you can borrow to review at any time!

  *Teachers- you can download my clip chart files here!*


Christina Bainbridge 

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