Our Snack Calendars


This year in our class, I am asking each student bring snack about once a month.  Eating a healthy snack in the afternoon will help us continue learning at our best, since we do eat lunch at 11:00am.  Some of us have a long bus ride home and won't eat again until dinner, so having a healthy snack in the afternoon will help keep tummies full so we can focus on our learning. 

Snack calendars will come home at the end of each month for the following month. 

Thanks for keeping our tummies full so we can learn best!

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January February March April
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There are 20 students in our class.  On your child's day, please send a healthy snack for the class, if you can.  Please send any necessary "accessories" for your snack- napkins, paper plates, etc... I don't always have these extras on hand in the classroom!

Click here to download my "Snack Calendar" letter!


Christina Bainbridge 

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