Snazzy Snacks

Once a month we'll practice our handwriting and measuring skills by writing and making a "Snazzy Snack".

Snazzy Snacks are tasty snacks that give us a fun and authentic way to practice important skills.

Here are some of the snacks we have made in the past!

Cheesy Spiderweb

Xs and Os

Turkey Tracks

Rudie the Reindeer Snack

Bagel Snowman

Here's how a Snazzy Snack works: At "Open House Night", there will be a sign-up sheet for parents to volunteer to donate the ingredients for one snack.  I will send you a shopping list about a week before we plan to make the snack.  On the day of the snack, I will write the recipe on an overhead while you write it in your best handwriting on a recipe sheet. During the writing, we do a lot of word work type activities and spelling think alouds. After the recipe is written, we talk about the order and sequence and then you get to follow the steps to make the snack!

I'll save all of our recipes until the end of the year and we'll make them into a book! It's so exciting to see how you grow and change through your handwriting and you have a recipe book so you can make Snazzy Snacks at home too!

Teachers- you can download my Snazzy Snack files by visiting my "files" page!

Thanks, Mrs. Schwartz, for coming up with the original idea called Tasty Tuesday!


Christina Bainbridge 

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